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 Q1.  Why is a communication tower needed?

Ans 1.  The line of sight for telecommunication antennas may become obstructed due to

a) Man made Obstructions i.e. buildings, or hills or trees etc in the path of commuication

b) Obstruction due to curvature of earth

c) Due to Fresnel Zone phenomenon, the required unobstructed path for communication is not a straight line. Required unobstructed path is spread out in the middle of hop.

Obstructions in the path can be overcome by increasing the height of antenna i.e. mounting the antenna on top of a tower of suitable height. Hence the need for telecommunication tower.

Telecommunication towers are normally structural supports designed to survive the wind load of the area and the loads due to antennas.

On the negative side - These towers, when operational, will emit electromagnetic radiations. If the towers are installed in residential areas, then humans living in the nearby areas will be exposed to electromagnetic radiations.This EMR is not considred safe for humans beyond a particular level.

Safe level of EMR is a matter of debate and no value of level has been agreed unanimously. Safe limits proposed vary from 100 microwatts/sq. meter to 240 milliwatts/Sq. meter.

However a tower height & energy radiated from it , can always be designed in such a way that communications is proper without exceeding the safe limit for EMR. Residential areas should be avoided, if posible for installation of towers.