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Q 3.Apart from structural parameters, which other necessary or optional parameters are required to be specified by the tower buyer/user ? 

Ans 3. As tower is basically a structural support for antenna, all necessary parameters required are structural parameters only
For details of structural parameters required to be specified, see answer of Q2 above.
Following could be further necessary/optional parameters for supply of tower materials
a) Quantity of antenna interfaces required. Diameter & length of pipe should be specified.
b) Length of horizontal cable ladder or gantry, with or without supports
c) Quantity of Aviation obstruction Lights
d) Length of electric cable, if required
e) Quantity of Lightening Arrestor, if required
f) Size & Length of downconductor for lightening arrestor required
g) No of grounding pits required
h) Size of ground electrodes
i) Paint required
j) Foundation Bolts
k) Foundation templates
l) Nameplate/signage required for tower