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Q 5. Will a tower made from high strength steel be stronger than the one made from normal mild structural steel ?

Ans: The strength of tower is determined by “Total Resistance” offered by the tower to the applied loads. Total resistance offered by the tower is ‘Strength of material per unit area’ X (multiplied by) ‘ Area of material available for resistance’ If ‘Strength of material per unit area ‘ is less then designer provides more ’ area of material’ to get the same total resistance. If ‘Strength of material per unit area’ is more then designer will provide less ‘area of material’ to get the same total resistance and not increase the cost unnecessarily. Designer will normally build some reserve structural capacity in the tower. Other things being equal, a factor of safety of 1.5 means a reserve capacity of 50% is provided in the design. Total structural capacity (required + reserve) is determined by the decisions of the designer and not by the strength of steel. As a matter of fact, tower can be constructed with any structural material. We do have towers made of reinforced cement concrete, Aluminum, wood, combination of RCC and steel etc. Whichever be the material of construction, adequate strength of tower can be achieved, provided the designer has done his work properly .