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Q 8. Can steel of very high strength be used for manufacture of towers ?

Ans: As strength of steel increases, the brittleness of steel goes up. As communication towers are designed to be stressed within the elastic range, percent elongation of material is an important property to be kept in mind while choosing the grade of steel. Brittle materials are not suitable for applications where metal fatigue is generated by applied loads. Normal mild structural steel has a yield strength of 230 to 260 MPa. While high strength steels with yield strength up to 480 to 500 Mpa are commonly used in some applications, High strength steel for tower applications is normaly limited to steels with yield strength upto 350 Mpa. Only.Poly Qual towers are made with steel of yield strength 250 Mpa. What is important is that - the strength of steel should as per the strength taken by designer in his calculations.