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Q 11. Which properties of steel should be measured to evaluate the suitability of steel for tower manufacture?

Ans: End use of steel determines the properties required from raw material used. If the end use of steel is to cut another piece of steel on a lathe machine then it is important the steel must maintain its strength even when it is red hot. If steel is to be used for making an acid tank, it becomes necessary that the material should not be attacked by that acid. Resistance for other acids may not be of any consequence. If steel is to be used as stampings in a transformer, then the magnetic characteristics of the steel are important. All properties are not important for any one end use. For example the magnetic properties of steel may not be of any importance, if it is being used as a structure. When end use of steel is tower manufacture, then the following properties should be evaluated.
a) Yield strength - elastic strength of steel
b) Percent Elongation - ability to bend and return to original shape
c) Chemical composition - for establishing grade of steel.