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Q 14. Why each country makes its own standards for same product ?

Ans: There is always urgent need of standardization, whether it is a small manufacturing unit, a small community or a country.For example Britain has made a standard for electrical Plug/shoe for making electrical connection to a wall socket.. The diameter , distance and number of pins of the electrical plug is different from other countries. This difference does not make it better or worse than plugs made according to standards of other countries. But it is necessary to adopt a standard so that all electrical equipment manufacturers of that country make provision for that type of electrical connection in all their equipments. Each country has different types and grades of materials and technology available within the country. Each country makes its standards to make best use of a) the materials available within the country b) the technology and manufacturing facilities available within country c) the environment of country Objective of standard is always to make a predefined quality/size of product to ensure compatibility /inter-changeability with other products available in that country. As the scene changes or new technology becomes available, the standards also are modified or deleted and new standards are introduced to suit the new environment of the country. Today when the world is becoming a global village, there is more and more need of exchange and compatibility of equipment and products between the countries, therefore more and more work is being done on International Standards. Some International standards are already available today. As long time and effort is required to finalize a standard, it will be quite some time before International standards are available for all products.