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Q 20. How does quality of FABRICATION affect the strength/ Safety of tower?

Ans: Fabrication is an important factor of design for the quality of tower. If fabrication of tower is not proper then structural capacity of tower may be reduced considerably. Following situations explain, how that happens- a) If distance between two holes in a member is less than required (by say 5 mm), then this member will have to be fitted forcefully. After forceful fitment, this member will exert a tremendous force on members to which it is attached. This force is over and above the forces which will be generated by external loads. Hence this member has been effectively reduced in strength to extent it is experiencing forces in no external load condition. If several members are fitted in this forceful manner then effective strength of tower will be reduced. b) In a leg joint, all the bolt in a joint are expected to act together , when external loads are applied. If during fabrication, distance between holes is not maintained uniform , then all the bolts do not act together. In such a situation, phenomenon of progressive failure takes place. This will be equivalent to reduction in strength of joint. c) If the holes for bolts are made larger than required , then the effective strength of bolts will be reduced by 15%.Hence , if designed strength of tower is to be achieved, it is necessary that fabrication of tower material be done by an experienced fabricator. All the advantages obtained by good design can be more than offset by poor fabrication. Polyqual takes pride in quality of fabrication and has experience of more than a decade of fabricating towers .