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Q31. How many antennas can I fix on my tower?

Ans: Your tower should have enough reserve strength to accept additional load due to proposed antenna addition. Weight of the antenna (which acts vertically downwards) is really not of much consequence. But what is important is, sideways forces on the tower due to wind area of the antenna, shape of the antenna and the height at which the antenna will be mounted. Design of normal tower, is governed predominantly by wind forces. The moment of antenna wind force at ground level is the result of multiplication of wind force by the height of the tower. Therefore due to multiplying effect of height any additional antenna in a tall tower contributes in very big way to the total load on the tower. In modern age of competition, the manufacturers when called up on to offer best prices offer just sufficient structural capacity in their proposal and do not build-in any uncalled reserve strength in tower. Compromise on designed level of safety of tower is not desirable. Design engineers of POLY-QUAL can assist you in evaluating available spare structural capacity or the possibilities of strengthening your tower for additional antennas.

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