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Q36. Should tower be painted.
If yes then whether it should be done before erection or after erection?

Ans : Painting of Tower-
Towers are installed in the open, where they are subject to vagaries of nature i.e. Rain, Sun, Sea water, Corrosive gases etc.
Tower materials are normally hot dip galvanized to prevent them from rusting. Paint, when applied, provides an additional layer of protection. Painting may also become mandatory due to necessity of day light markings (orange & white segments) Painting becomes absolutely necessary, if the structural material has not been hot dip galvanized fully / or are partially galvanized. Poly Qual recommends that painting should be done in all cases. And paint should be renewed, whenever signs of rusting are observed during periodic inspections.

Now whether paint should be done before erection or after erection.
Technically from the rusting point of view, it can be done, before or after ,in any way. However there are situations, which make it necessary to paint either before or after erection. For example
a) Certain antennas are dependent on earthing of tower structure for their proper functioning.
If painting is done before erection, electrical conductivity of tower members is lost due to layer of paint between two members assembled together. In such cases painting should be done after erection.
b) Tower Members, have markings on them to facilitate erection process. If painting is done before erection, these marking may be obliterated. This may pose a big difficulty during erections.
c) Nut bolts, used in assembly of tower , if required to be painted, can only be painted after erection. Hence painting after erection is preferred.
d) Welded towers meant for CCTV or Wifi antennas may be painted before erection, because above issues are not applicable to them.