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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is a communication tower needed?

Q2. Which specifications for the tower MUST be provided by the tower buyer / communication system designer, while asking for a quote ?

Q 3. Apart from structural parameters, which other necessary or optional parameters are required to be specified by the tower buyer/user ?

Q 4. Should high Strength steel be used for Tower manufacture ?

Q 5. Will a tower made from high strength steel be stronger than the one made from normal mild structural steel ?

Q 6. Is the tower made from high strength steel economical than one made from normal mild structural steel ?

Q 7. Does the tower made from High strength steel have all the members made from High strength steel ?

Q 8. Can steel of very high strength be used for manufacture of towers ?

Q 9. Will hot dip galvanizing affect the strength of steel ?

Q 10. Does country of origin of steel has any role to play in quality of tower/steel?

Q 11. Which properties of steel should be measured to evaluate the suitability of steel for tower manufacture?

Q 12. How do you say that given two grades of steel are equivalent ?

Q 13. What is meant by terms BS, IS, ISO, ASTM .. etc ?

Q 14. Why each country makes its own standards for same product ?

Q 15. How is the tower designed ?

Q 16. Is tower steel as per Standards of different countries equivalent ?

Q 17. Which are the standards for tower ?

Q 18. Which is the controlling load in tower design ?

Q 19. Are towers designed according to standards of different countries comparable ?

Q 20. How does quality of FABRICATION affect the strength/ Safety of tower?

Q 21. How does workmanship in erection affect the strength of tower ?

Q 22. How does detailing of design affect the strength of tower ?

Q 23. How does maintenance effect the available strength of tower ?

Q 24. What are the pitfalls of specifying required performance of a tower ?

Q 25. What factors must be considered, while comparing prices of 3 proposals for towers?

Q 26. Should the bolts used in my tower be high strength only?

Q27. How do I evaluate correctness of design of my tower?

Q 28. How much safety is built into design of my tower?

Q 29. How do I evaluate the quality of fabrication of tower?

Q 30. Which quality of steel should we specify for our tower? What standard should be used ?

Q31. How many antennas can I fix on my tower?

Q 32. Is the height of my tower adequate?

Q 33. How much tightening should be done on the joint bolts?

Q34. What is earthing and why is it necessary?

Q35. What is lightening arrestor and why is it necessary?

Q36. Should tower be painted after galvanization ?
If Yes, whether, it should be done before or after erection ?