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Tower is a major capital expenditure with operational life of several decades. Hence buying a tower needs careful determination of requirements or specifications.


Important specifications include

a) Local partner’s responsibility 

To provide at his own cost

i) Land – Min – 6,000 Sq.yrd for fabrication.
Min - 6,000 Sq.yrd for galvanization.

ii) Working shed on above land.

iii) Plant & equipment – Low tech variety – USD 0.75 million.for tower unit

iv) Man Power – salaries to be borne by local partner.

v) Raw Materials – Mild steel – 270 Tons/month. Zinc – 20 Tons/month.

vi) Purchase order (All marketing responsibility is with local partner).

b) Poly-Qual’s Responsibility

To provide       

 i)  All assistance in procuring equipment, their installation, if required.

ii)  All assistance in making offer to buyers.

iii) Design of tower as required.

iv) Provision of production drawings.

v) Provision of production Jigs.

vi) Supervision of production & quality if required.

vii) All technical trouble shooting of the process involved.


Fees     -  15% of Sales value as consultation in USD for first 3 years. This 15% will be
               reduced to 10% after 3 years.
               Plus – All boarding, lodging, local travel, Air travel of the consultant or other
               people required. Payment will start after 1 month of signing the agreement
               @ USD 7,500/- per month.  Amount paid before actual sales will be adjusted in
               consultation when sales start.

Time Period for implementation

Fabricated towers will be available for dispatch/sales after 4 months of signing agreement & availability of all inputs (including working capital). 

About ourselves 

We are manufactures of self supporting towers of all height and loading. We had been supplying self supporting towers throughout the world. Our towers are well accepted and appreciated by everyone.
We feel, that this is very opportunate time to do this activity. After some time, the domestic manufacturing unit will be able to get business preferentially as foreign exchange involvement is much less. 

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