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     • Low ownership costs due to competitive up front investment, optimal fuel and Lube Oil & Parts consumption.
     • The best Lube oil Change interval in its class.
     • Diesel Engines meeting the CPCB norms for emission.
     • Branded Sound Proof Enclosures with standard warranty & serviced by Company service dealer.
     • The only DG set brand to offer consistent deliverables (All DG Plants & most Service Dealers are ISO 9001 certified).
     • Industry best Warranty

Specification of Canopy

Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic enclosure will be powder coated and fabricated out of 16 SWG CRCA MS sheet. The silent canopy will be of nut bolt type construction. Critical processes of punching is done on CNC machines to maintain dimensional accuracy of holes within 0.1 mm. Powder coating is done after seven-tank surface preparation process of sheet metal. Canopy panel and doors shall have inside lining of FIRE-RETARDANT foam as acoustic material up-to 82.5 KVA & rock wool for high ratings. Four hinged doors shall be provided to canopy, one door will have glass window for control panel.

Base Frame
Base frame is fabricated either in ISMC channel or in sheet metal. The base frame will be primer coated and painted. The base frame has provision for mounting of acoustic enclosure & control panel on in it. The base frame is having provision of lifting hook for convenient lifting of complete set, i.e. along with canopy, engine and alternator.

Color scheme
The base plate and top is painted with OXFORD BLUE / PEPSI BLUE, the canopy is powder coated with IVORY color.

Performance Parameters
The sound level, when measured in green field condition (ISO 3744 OR 8528 PT 10) at 1-metre distance was less than 75 - DBA or as per CPCB norms.

The average stabilized hot air temperature rise with in the canopy is maintained within 70C above ambient temperature.

Canopy Features
     • RTU canopy kits, which can be assembled on site within a time period of 90 minutes.
     • Canopy fabricated on imported machines with dimensional accuracy of 0.1 mm.
     • Canopy is powder coated after passing through seven tank processes.
     • Canopy is lined with acoustic foam / rock wool, which is non-igniting / Fire Retardant (confirming to BS 4375/BIS 7888).
     • No grouting required on the ground, only a level surfaces capable of withstanding the DG weight.
     • Designed for installation in open-air conditions.
     • Lockable doors provided.
     • Lockable fuel filling arrangement provided external to the canopy.
     • Residential silencer.
     • Externally accessible emergency stops button.
     • The exhaust gases will be taken out through a suitable flexible pipe to prevent any back pressure on the engine.

Exhaust System:
The exhaust system and noise suppressor will be provided with thermal insulation by using fire retardant / non igniting foam conforming to BIS 7888/BS 4375 to prevent excess heat radiation on the engine and safe for operator.


Absorption type non-resistance Residential Silencer insulated from inside with glass wool will be provided to suppress exhaust noise from the engine.

Wiring and Lighting:
PVC Copper wire concealed in flexible conduit with florescent tube light/bulb with MCB shall be provided. 

Surface Treatment – Painting:
The enclosure surface will be suitably treated for degreasing, derusting and phosphating. High quality powder coat treatment / paint will be used.

Fuel Tank:
Fuel tank will be fabricated out of 14SWG CRCA MS Sheet and is part of base frame. It is duly painted and fitted with inlet and outlet connections. Float gauge and fuel float switch is provided.

Canopy lights: One No. DC bulb to be fitted with suitable toggle switch and wiring.

Emergency Push Stop Button
The canopy will have provision of emergency push button, which will be housed in a protective enclosure with a glass front.


The standard control panel is fabricated from 16 SWG sheet and powder coated after seven tank treatment process. The panel is equipped with:

     • 3 Pole MCB / MCCB / ACB For suitable rating 1 No.
     • Ammeter with Selector switch 1 Nos.
     • Voltmeter 1 No.
     • Voltmeter Selector Switch 1 No.
     • Frequency Meter 1 No.
     • Current Transformer 3 Nos.
     • Aluminum Bus bar of suitable rating with Incoming and Outgoing termination ends.
     • Indicating lamps for:
1) Load On
2) Set Running
     • Instruments Fuses 
     • Control MCB’s 

a) Set of Push Buttons
     (a) Engine start/stop, 
     (b) Alarm acknowledge button for Hooter 
     (c) Emergency Stop

b) Protection/Safeties
     (a) High Water Temperature, 
     (b) LLOP, 


     1. All Civil Work.
     2. Control Cabling.
     3. Provision and laying of Power Cabling.
     4. All External Exhaust Piping, if required.
     5. Earthing Arrangements for DG Set.
     6. Off Loading & Shifting of Genset inside its premises.
     7. Fuel Piping & Fittings wherever required.