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Registrations & Empanelments

Govt. authorities give recognition to establishments after verifying that all norms/procedures required by the Govt are followed.

Important buyers empanel competent suppliers to save the vendor evaluation
effort, each time a purchase is made.

Above registration & empanelment are done on the basis of

a) Evaluation of manufacturing facilities by personal visits & assessment of machinery/production procedure followed
b) Evaluation of technical competence
c) Evaluation of financial competence by getting references from banks & past performances
d) Evaluation of methods employed to achieve consistent quality
e) By cross checking all relevant documents ensuring that the laws of the land are being followed.

We are registered/ empanelled with

1.  Director of Industries, Delhi Administration, Delhi
2.  National Small Industries Corporation, Govt. of India
3.  Directorate of Quality Assurance, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India
4.  Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India

and many more ............