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Safety Rope installation kit consists of following

a) 8 mm safety rope of suitable length according to height of tower.
b) Top support.
c) Bottom support.
d) Interim support – Qty depends on height of tower.
e) Rope Accessories, i.e. (Thimble – 2 nos.,8 mm wire rope clips – 6 nos.,
16 mm Dog clamps – 2 nos for top support + 2 nos for bottom support + 1 no for each interim support, 12 mm Dee Shackles – 4 nos.) 

f) Tensioning spring – 1 no.
g) Turn buckle – 1 no.

Top Support

Buttom Support

The general arrangement of installation is shown in the enclosed figure.

Method of installation –

1. Install Top support, bottom support and intension supports along the length of climbing ladder. The slots of intension support should open alternately in opposite directions. The level difference between two interim supports should be approx. 5 meters.
2. Apply wire rope clips as per instruction enclosed as one end of rope and fix it on top support as shown.
3. Install turnbuckle and tensioning spring as bottom support as shown. Cut the length of rope to suit the installation and install wise rope clips as shown. Turnbuckle should be lightened slightly only that spring just starts expanding.


Fall Arrestor Kit used with safety rope consists of
a)One No. Rope Grabber
b)One No. Karabiner.
c)One No. Full Body Harness.


Stainless steel sliding fall arrester on anchorage line (8-mm cable) with connector AM002.

Fall arrestors are mainly designed for a secure ascent or descent on vertical and inclined surfaces.

The user is directly connected to the fall arrestor and has the advantage of free movement through the entire length of the rope, at zero risk.

Salient features are

● Sliding-type mobile fall arrestor for fixed anchorage line. 
● Works on 8 mm diameter galvanized anchor steel cable.


It is recommended to award a fall ascab to each user. 

Anchor of the cable should have a minimum strength of 15 KN. It should be verified that enough head room is available at top end and anchor cable should be available up to 1.5M level from feet of user.

Regularly inspect your cable for any damage and after a fall, provide for its replacement.
Sharp edges and to prohibit corrosion.
After a fall, or every twelve months, return the fall arrestor to the manufacturer or a competent person appointed by the manufacturer. 
Inspect your fall arrest before use in case of doubt trace of oxidation or deformation, return to manufacturer or a competent person authorized by manufacturer.
Ensure that the operation of karabiners is correct.
Prohibition to replace components of fall arrest.

Unit dimensions : Height 80, width 105, thickness 16.
Weight (without karabiner): 250 grams.
Cleaning : Clean water, then wipe with a dry cloth and hung in a ventilated room.
Storage : The fall should be stored in a local temperate, dry and ventilated.
Conforms to EN 353-1.



This product are developed and designed with the primary objective of ensuring complete safety in end-use through superior attributes.

The products are intended for specific industrial applications and are in strict compliance with domestic and international safety norms. In addition to being credible. The products are durable, comfortable and user-friendly.

Poly-Qual’s versatile product mix is adaptive to emerging industrial requirements, across verticals and provides the entire gamut of industrial safety solutions.

Function and use

•Simple fastening and unfastening. 
•Perfect matching to size.
•Clear harness layout and orientation.
•Excellent long-term wear behaviour when in constant use.
•Body movements when operating are unimpaired.
•Practice-oriented ergonomics.

This safety harness forms the ergonomic link between the anchoring means and the human body for all work at heights, implying no risk of a fall.

•A full body harness to be used with vertical anchorage system and construction industries.
•Fully adjustable shoulder and thing straps.
•Single dorsal attachment D-rings.
•Two chest attachment D-ring.
•Ideally positioned sit strap for extended comfort.

Conforms to EN 361.


Proper maintenance and storage of your harness are primordial to ensure integrity of the component parts and there of the user safety. So please comply strictly with the following recommendation.

1.Clean the straps and buckles in water and house hold soap. Never use acid or basic solvent (caustic soda).
2.Allow the harness to dry in a ventilated room far from an open fire or any other source of heat. This also applies for harnesses that have gotten wet during use.
3.Store the harness in a dry area for ultra violet rays. Avoid corrosive atmosphere and excessive heat or cold.


This safety Equipment must only be used by a person previously trained for working at height.