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SHELTER (Knock Down Shelter Assembled at site)

Poly Qual (India) Pvt. Ltd. now offers Knock down shelter. These shelters can assemble at site (on the ground or on rooftop).

Poly-Qual (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers high quality Shelter which meets all specification as per International standard. These provide all the benefits of shelter, like long life, flexible size, temperature resistance, protect from high wind speed and low maintenance. 


Survival wind speed: 180 km/Hrs.
Operating temperature: -30C to 70C (RH 10% to 95% at 30C)


Size of shelter can vary 
          Length could be 2 to 5.7 mtrs. Normal value 3.62 mtrs.
          Width could be 2 to 3.6 mtrs. - 2.58 mtrs.
          Height could be 2.7 to 3 mtrs. - 2.84 mtrs.
The walls are made of panel which could be 1.1 mtr. or 1.2 mtr. in PPGI. Wall loading 500 kg/Sqm or more.
Lambda size range: 3x2x2.5, 4x3.5x2.5, 5x3.5x2.5 (user defined)
Kala size: 2x2.4x6 mtrs (external). 
Panel lock with each other clam lock/Tongue & Grove arrangement sealed with silicon sealant.
Cut out will be provided in walls for a) Air conditioners- 2nos (sizes user define), b) Cable entry.


Material of construction (Insulated sandwich panel construction) could be 
          1)  Galvanized Iron sheet.
          2)  Polly coated sheet.
          3)  Stainless steel (grade 304).
          4)  Aluminum.
          5)  FRP (2 to 2.5mm outer skin).
          6)  PPGI supplied by M/s All tech, Lambda makes sandwich between FRP PPGI panel. 
          7)  Flashing (0.8 to 1 mm PPGI sheet).
          8)  Pre painted galvanized iron. 


Wall, ceiling & skin thickness is variable 
          1)  PPGI Inner wall/skin 0.5 to 1.0 mm, Outer wall/skin 0.6 to 1.0 mm.
          2)  FRP - Outer skin 2.0 to 2.5 mm.
          3)  Flashing 0.8 to 1.0mm PPGI sheet, inside & outside joints
          4)  Kala thickness Inner wall 0.6 mm, Outer wall 0.8 mm painted with white. 


I Beam & C Beam as required (As per IS 2062)
          1) Hot dip galvanize base frame as per IS 4759.
          2) Nut bolt as per IS 1363. 
          3) Washer as per IS 5369.
          4) Foundation bolt (M20 x 900), J-bolt provided.
          5) I beam & C beam to be design as desired by buyer as per IS 2062. I beam size ISMB 200x100mm, ISMC 150x75mm or 150x100mm.


          1) To be designed for 1500Kg/Sqm to 3000Kg/Sqm as desired by buyer.
          2) Kala done for 2500 kg/Sqm.
          3) Outer skin 0.6 to 1.0 mm thick.
          4) Inner skin 19 mm thick marine ply.
          5) Insulation 60 to 100 mm thick.
          6) Vinyl anti static covering 2mm thick (this is mandatory) Linoleum.
          7) Copper foil 50mm wide 0.05mm thick connected at one point earth with four clinch buttons if desired.
          8) 40x60x2mm MS pipes will be provided as reinforcement if required in the floor. 

0.8 to 1 mm PPGI sheet for fitting at corner of roof & wall with uses of pop rewords. 


PUF (Poly Urethane Foam) 
          1) Thickness from 40,50,60,80,100,120,150,200 normally 60mm or 80mm (CFC free)
          2) Density 38 to 42 kg per cum.
          3) K value 0.0214 w/mk.
          4) Global thermal conductivity 0.7w/m2c.


Single leaf door with aluminum door channel 100% air tight.
         1) Clear dimension 900mm x 1950mm minimum.
         2) Material: 0.6 mm per coated steel as in panel.
         3) Insulation: 40 to 60mm thick as in panel.
         4) Hinges non corrosive 3 to 4 nos - Not open able from outside.
         5) Lock: Fixed in such a way from outside no one can enter inside Mort ice lock three position plus number lock.
         6) Keys: 3 nos keys with every shelter.
         7) Suitable gasket to ensure no air leakage.
         8) EPDM =Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer gasket to be fixed so that they do not come out with pulling. 
         9) Rain guard: 950mm wide to cover the door width with 1mm thick sheet.
        10) Heavy internal & external handles with panic bar.


1) Sun roof (additional sun roof of 0.6mm thickness to be provided over roof panel to ensure 
no rain water accumulated & better insulation.
2) The secondary roof will be 0.8 mm PPGI sheet projecting 150 mm on all sides along with a PVC rain water drain will be provided at the back.
3) EPDM to be used to fill up gap between main roof and secondary roof.
4) Roof loading: 200 Kg./Sqm or more.
5) Slope 1 in 50 backwards.


Accessories normally include with shelter.
1) 2 tubes light each of 36 watts.
2) 1 door light.
3) 1 smoke detector.
4) 1 door safety switch (Door open alarm & hooter system).
5) 1 temperature sensor.
6) 1 alarm box.
7) AC distribution board.
8) 2 power plug.
9) Cable 1.5 Sqm., Finolex or ISI make to be used.
10) Switches to be 6 amp piano types Anchor makes.
11) 1 Electrical dust blower. 
12) Cable conduit 45mm x 45mm or 25mm x 25mm. 
13) Cable Tray: 200/300/400mm wide PPGI in required if desired.
14) Automatic door closer.
15) Door stopper to keep the door in open position.


MS ladder painted.

Parameter to be inspected
1) Physical size of shelter.
2) PUF thickness.
3) Matching of panels.
4) Quality of locks.